Characteristics of the Thesis

Master thesis – characteristics

The master thesis, mostly students called colloquially, or diploma, is the final thesis. As a rule, graduation is one of the main parts of the second stage of university studies.

The master thesis represents an extensive professional work (study), whose elaboration and subsequent defense is one of the conditions for a student – a graduate to obtain an academic degree. Diploma should bring new knowledge and benefit in the given field.

The purpose of the master thesis is to verify the mastery of professional theoretical and practical knowledge, professional terminology, use of scientific methods in solving problems of the given field of science. Diploma is also a manifestation of the ability of an undergraduate to solve tasks in his / her field independently.

Trainer, respectively. the diploma consultant participates only methodically, while meeting the student during consultations during the preparation of the diploma. The trainer should also supervise the correct preparation of the trainer, read the individual chapters before handing it over and notify the student of its shortcomings. Among other things, he should draw the student’s attention to possible plagiarism.

Formal requirements of a diploma

Unlike the bachelor’s thesis, the master thesis differs mainly due to the larger extent and the higher quality of the topic being processed. Students usually have 2 years to elaborate their diploma. As a rule, the diploma is written and handed over in printed form in several copies. In the past, these were physically archived in archives of departments and colleges. Today, diplomas are used to archive in digital form. The formal aspect of the diploma is usually prescribed by the school, and sometimes its details vary according to the discipline of the discipline (eg between faculties, rarely individual departments).

The range of diploma is usually about 50-80 pages. For standard text formatting, it should not be less than 30 pages or greater than 100 pages. Additional material that may not be placed directly in the text, e.g. extensive tables, maps, illustrations or special materials such as technical equipment or program manuals, or additional literature can be added to the Diploma Supplement.

Master thesis defense

Before the defense, the diploma goes into the hands of the opponent, whose task is to evaluate the diploma in the opponent’s opinion. Later, in defense, the opponent has a word in the commission that accepts the defense. The Examination Board for State Examination evaluates both the content and the formal aspects of the master thesis. Often, the degree of originality is also evaluated. compliance with other works. The defense of the master thesis itself usually takes the form of a presentation, which is usually followed by a professional discussion.

With us, the defense of the diploma is one of the prerequisites for the completion of the master’s and engineer’s, respectively. doctoral studies in medicine and veterinary medicine. The diploma is a part of the state final examination, ie the statesmen.


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