Master thesis and qualitative research

Some diploma theses deal with problems that cannot be quantitatively evaluated and when it is ascertained to what extent, whether the given phenomenon, fact or requirement is acceptable, resp. bearable.

In case of qualitative research, the solution of the thesis itself is already different, especially in the creation of research questions. These are set to arrive at conclusions that quantify respondents’ attitudes and opinions. In this case, the evaluation of such work is quite different. The author of the work is acquainted with a wide range of opinions and knowledge, so he can clarify many answers to questions that were not asked directly in the research questionnaire.

However, how much more interesting this work is, it is even more responsible, because there is a scaling of responses, which the author of the thesis must delimit enough and then defend this boundary.

The defense, as well as the creation of such a master thesis, is very interesting, beneficial, and in some cases, qualitative research is the only way to find data and data, for example in public opinion research. Anyway, a well-defended master thesis of this type is an invaluable asset.

Master thesis defense in quantitative research

The most common way, respectively. The methodology for solving the thesis is a procedure where a questionnaire is prepared with open or closed questions to which the respondent will answer.

Types of questionnaire questions

If the questions are closed, the respondent has a simpler job because he chooses the answer that is closest to him. However, the danger in this method is that the respondent does not very often find the right answer among the options offered, so he chooses the answer that is his closest choice, or, in the worst case, chooses one without agreeing to it.

On open issues, this risk is reduced, but the author is more difficult to evaluate as he seeks to categorize the responses to groups where he chooses a common criterion.

Evaluation of quantitative research

In quantitative research, the percentages of responses by selected groups can be determined in the evaluation to arrive at relatively relevant conclusions. However, in such a case (questionnaire methods) it is important to use the answers of a sufficient number of respondents in order to eliminate possible individual views that do not correspond to the majority opinion.

The defense of the master thesis in quantitative research consists in defending the correct formation of questions and correct verbal evaluation of the results obtained.

Master thesis defense

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