Master thesis belongs to scientific works

The master thesis is one of the scientific papers that are written after graduating from higher education and where students demonstrate their professional and scientific knowledge and skills.

Diploma theses are assigned to students of universities in due course, while the listener chooses the topic that he / she considers to be socially necessary, has a relationship with it and desires to contribute to the scientific community the knowledge that this work will bring. You can read more in the How to write a thesis.

The thesis is essentially a research work where a student is doing research in an area in which he / she is educated and in which he / she wants to obtain a university degree.

Parts of the thesis

First part

Each thesis is based on the knowledge of other authors who have previously dealt with the issue. That is why the first chapter is most often devoted to the theoretical part, where the author of the thesis confronts (cites, or paraphrases) other authors, adding to these findings only a very simple own commentary. Basically, it is a collection of information that has been dealt with in the past.

Second part

In the second part, the author of the master thesis deals with its chosen topic, where it describes not only the opinions of other authors, but also states the current situation, both from the domestic and from the foreign environment. In this way, the reader of the thesis can become familiar with the current state of the art.

Third part

The third part of the thesis deals with the research itself, where the author of the thesis collects information from the respondents and subsequently summarizes the information obtained.

Part Four

In the fourth part of the thesis, the acquired knowledge is confronted with the theoretical knowledge of the first and second parts of the thesis and solutions for possible further research are proposed.